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UX Design is like a burger...ask me why.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! I'm a UX Designer with a background in healthcare. I specialize in blending unlikely intersections to create vibrant synergy and fresh ideas. home page imate.png

Smart Mobility for the Modern World

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Updating a Historic, Community Staple



UX Designer  |  Healthcare Background  | Concept to Execution Strategist


I am a nationally ranked Junior Olympic gymnast, amateur rock climber and avid coffee drinker. I've always been drawn to contrasting worlds and embracing unlikely intersections... so it was only a matter of time before I tumbled into UX design. 

STYLE:          clean           minimalistic           pragmatic            efficient 


PERSONALITY: altruistic, bubbly, quick-minded, innovative, problem-solver, systematic, ambitious, self-aware, optimistic, futuristic 


"That gave me chills! It was so good, awesome awesome work!" 

- Sahin Boydas,, Founder & CEO