I'm a Product Designer with a background in healthcare. I specialize in blending unlikely intersections to create vibrant synergy and fresh ideas. 


GYMNASTICS (grace + power) taught me the backbone of hard work embracing challenges. Through tenacity, broken bones, and tears, I constantly overcame fears and gained the ability to focus in any situation. As a designer, hard work and meticulous attention to detail doesn’t fathom me, and I am always ready to chalk up my hands and thrive under pressure.

After 11 broken bones, 56 beam burns, 2600 falls, and 40 ice packs later, this decade of my life came to an end as I flipped into the next intersection of my life.

HEALTHCARE (empathy + business) has shaped my empathetic viewpoint while still forcing me to see the big picture and bottom line. Working in the fast-paced environment trained my ability to think quickly and maintain a flexible mind. Constantly prioritizing needs allowed me to analyze and sift through information and reinforce decisions using data. As a designer, my previous work with personalities from all levels of the organization, helps me design better products foster stronger relationships. 

The MASTER OF SCIENCE (research + analysis) degree from UCSF and UC Hastings sparked my fundamental affinity towards constant learning  and absorption of knowledge. The research focused, data-driven program paved the way towards my uncompromising respect for education and  societal interplay.  My thesis was based upon empathy toward the empathetic and I am an unabashed philomath who approaches design with the curiosity of George (the monkey). 

As a designer I bring together hard work, empathy and genuine curiosity to solve problems. All aspects of my life have intersected at UX design and I constantly strive to bring fruition to unique solutions. Let’s work together!